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Brooklyn Couples Session


Welcome to Brooklyn, where Sarah and Travis, my college best friend and her husband, have embarked on a new adventure. Having recently moved from Arizona to the bustling streets of New York City, they’ve embraced the vibrant city life with open arms. This couples session captures their deep connection and love for each other against the iconic backdrop of Williamsburg.

Inside Sarah and Travis’s Brooklyn Apartment

Step into their cozy Brooklyn apartment, filled with warmth and memories of their journey together. We began the session capturing intimate moments that reflected their everyday life—lounging together on the couch, sharing laughs over coffee, and stealing kisses in the kitchen overlooking the bustling streets below.

Exploring Williamsburg Together

Venturing outdoors, we wandered through their beloved neighborhood in Williamsburg. Our first stop was their favorite spot in front of the Williamsburg Bridge, where the urban landscape provided a dramatic backdrop to their love story. The industrial charm and the bridge’s majestic presence added a unique flair to their photos.

Romantic Moments at Domino Park

Next, we strolled to Domino Park, a serene oasis along the East River offering breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyline. Sarah and Travis shared playful moments in front of the iconic Domino Sugar Factory steps, with the sun casting a golden glow over their laughter and embraces.

Charming Stops at La Bicyclette Bakery

No couples session in Brooklyn would be complete without a visit to La Bicyclette Bakery. This is Sarah and Travis’s go-to spot for weekend brunch. Surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked goods, these two savored sweet moments together.

Capturing Their Genuine Bond

Sarah and Travis’s Brooklyn couples session was a celebration of their love and their new life in the city. From their cozy apartment to the lively streets of Williamsburg, these images showcase their vibrant personalities and deep bond. Capturing these moments was not only a joy but a privilege, highlighting the beauty of love against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s charm.

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Imagery by Allie Goodspeed Photo